Fentrim 2 150mm (outside use)

Pre-folded, 15/135mm wide, single-sided high-performance adhesive tape with perforated plastering zone for perfectly sealing window and door frames in solid structures on the outside.
Fentrim 2 150mm

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Fentrim 2 150mm and box
Fentrim 2 150mm box
Fentrim 2 150mm in use

Roll price per box                £78.20 each
Roll price – Qty – 2 Rolls     £86.02 each
Roll price per single roll      £89.93

Fentrim 2 150mm


The black coloured, single-sided high-performance adhesive tape Fentrim 2 is the optimal solution for permanent windtight and driving-rain proof bonding of window and door frames in solid construction on the outside.
Fentrim 2 is pre-folded and available in the sizes 15/85, 15/135 and 15/185 mm. According to the rule "less permeable on the inside than on the outside", the white coloured window-joint tape Fentrim 20 perfectly supplements Fentrim 2.

Your advantages

tickextremely high adhesive strength on entire surface
easy to apply, immediately 100% tight
15mm pre-folded, without backing strip
fastest bonding contact at window frame
ticknon-woven with perforated zone suited for plastering-over
strong plaster adhesion on masonry


Fentrim 2 150mm

Length/ roll: 25 m
Width: pre-folded 135/ 15 mm
Box: 4 rolls
  Complies with energy saving regulations (D), SIA 331/343/274 (CH), suited for RAL-certified installation, Europ. patent: EP1339924, US Patent No. 7,445,828 B2


Suitable substrates
        • Wood
        • Metals
        • Plastic
        • Concrete
        • Aerated concrete, brickwork and limesand masonry
        • Lightweight masonry mortar
        • Lightweight plaster
        • Hard plastic insulation boards (XPS/ EPS/ PUR)
        • Bitumen / EPDM in threshold area

Product Sheets and Downloads

Manual Europe: All applications and products  (PDF)

Safety data sheet Fentrim 2 (PDF) 

Product data sheet Fentrim 2 (PDF)
Test Certificate (PDF)

Sealing Window Joints (ZIP)



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