Wigluv 150

White, 150mm wide, diffusable, UV-stable and rainproof high-performance tape for joints penetrations and bonds.
Wigluv 150

Price (ex VAT): £68.54
(incl VAT): £82.25
Tax amount £13.71
Price / kg:
Roll/Box Tooltip
Wigluv 100 in use
Wigluv 150 and box
Wigluv 150 box

Roll price per box                £59.60 each
Roll price – Qty – 2 Rolls     £65.56 each
Roll price per single roll      £68.54

Wigluv 150


The single-sided high-performance adhesive tapes Wigluv 100 and 150 are perfectly suitable for permanently windtight sealing of roof insulating and facade boards on the outside. Combined with the high-performance primer Dockskin, Wigluv 100 and 150 offer a unique solution for woodfibre boards and masonry, and for base joints.
Driving rain resistance in combination with Majcoathas been proven by the TU Berlin.

Your advantages

high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures
reliable, long-term building value
tickdiffusible sd < 2m
prevents condensation build-up
slit backing strip
simple and quick to apply


Wigluv 150

Width: 150 mm
Length/ roll: 25 m
Box: 4 rolls
  complies with the German Roofing Trade Regulations, SIA 232, ONR 22219-2
Suitable substrates
      • Wood
      • Woodfibre boards *
      • Hard wood-based panel materials
      • Gypsum fibreboards
      • Cement fibreboards
      • Concrete, masonry, plaster *
      • Bituminous sheeting in the base area
      • Perimeter insulation
      • Metals
      • Hard plastics
      • Electric cables

      must be reinforced with SIGA-Dockskin high-performance primer


Suitable membranes

      • Vapour control layers /  retarder sheeting for above-rafter insulation and renovation from the outside
        Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting
      • Roof underlay membrane
        (apart from bitumen and PVC membranes except if given individual approval)
      • Facade membranes



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