Mould does not only damage the building construction and surfaces but may cause serious health consequences for the occupants because of the mould spores in the indoor air, e.g. allergies and respiratory diseases. Children and older people are particularly sensitive.
Mould formation can have two causes:

1. Wrong ventilation and heating by the occupants
To save energy today new buildings and renovated houses are tighter than in former times. As a result the building is no longer "automatically ventilated", as
it was. Moreover, today we produce more water vapour, by taking showers, washing and cooking. That means that you must ventilate more actively. Correct ventilation means: open several opposite windows several times a day for 5 to 10 minutes max. Permanently open or tilted windows should be avoided, otherwise your heating costs are going to increase. Note: A controlled ventilation system is the optimum solution. It always provides for the perfect air change.

2. Leakages in the building envelope
Minimal leakages in the building envelope are already sufficient to let warm and damp indoor air escape. On its way out it cools down and the water vapour carried
condenses. The condensed water which accumulates in the insulation layer can cause mould infestation after a few months. The mould causes damage to the wood and unavoidably leads to serious building damage. This is why an air and wind tightly sealed building envelope is absolutely necessary. SIGA offers a range of products perfectly matched to one another which provide maximum reliability and application friendliness.

The costs of removing a mould damage can quickly reach a five-digit amount. That is why the low investment in high-quality SIGA products free from residential toxins and professional execution of the work by
a SIGA professional pay off.