The unique difference - Production at SIGA

The SIGA high-performance adhesives are produced at two locations in Switzerland: Ruswil and Schachen. In September 2007 the new production line in Ruswil was put into operation. With its coating, equipment and packaging systems it is one of the most modern production lines worldwide and assures thus the unique SIGA quality. The capacity for the production of high-performance adhesive tapes has been doubled by this line.

All SIGA high-performance adhesives are produced in Switzerland itself,  so they are the great exception in the market. Contrary to our competitors, who act as quasi-manufacturers, we know exactly what is contained in our products, and that they can be relied on to provide security throughout the entire life of a house.

Continuous optimisation of our products and production processes is one of our most important objectives. That is why SIGA introduced the "Toyota Production System" in 2008. Each individual employee is requested to produce new ideas and suggestions for improvements to streamline processes. This promotes the motivation of our employees, and you benefit from the high-quality SIGA system

The ecological concept

SIGA sets a high value on environmental consciousness: Systems for heat recovery, waste water treatment and utilisation of rain water are integrated in the production process. The production building in Ruswil completed in 2000 consists of untreated wood. In addition, investment in a biogas power plant and installation of a solar power system are planned for the future. Moreover all SIGA products are free from residential toxins.

As manufacturer SIGA can guarantee you top quality, reliability, harmlessness to health and environmental friendliness of our products.